Providing an extreme dynamic power,
the piano is an orchestra in itself.

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People of Blue Dimension, op.4a for piano solo, features again Wolfgang Plagge and opens with Waltz of the Queen, a slow theme that gently strolls along, with lovely little decorations around a gentle waltz rhythm.
The Classical Reviewer

In today's world, we have with almost no exception "freedom of speech." I believe that this right is equally so for music, and if Flint Juventino Beppe "has a dream" I'll be sure to listen.
Gods of Music

People of Blue Dimension Op.4a (Piano Solo)

A previously unknown people meet us on our journey home. We are invited to take part in their peculiar way of life. The loving Pyramid of Life has bestowed upon this dimension a protective giant. Queen Knymara introduces us to the People of Blue Dimension through her particular dance, Waltz of the Queen.


  1. Waltz of the Queen (2:00)
  2. Absent Brain (1:10)
  3. Nudification (1:15)
  4. Unsteady Course (1:35)
  5. Intermezzo (0:50)
  6. Persecution Mania (1:00)
  7. Crushing the Giant (1:10)
  8. Resignation (1:50)

Cookery book of Kornld Op.7 (Piano Solo)

With Cookery Book of Kornld Op.7 (1992) we welcome you to a surreal gastronomic experience! What would your day look like if food was suddenly given human features? Say hello to Furious Meat, greet the Siamese Cabbage, make way for Born to be Popcorn, where you can actually hear why the popcorn was born to become exactly that, and finally, try to catch up with the Running Fish Cake!


  1. Furious Meat (1:00)
  2. Siamese Cabbage (2:30)
  3. Born to be Popcorn (0:35)
  4. Running Fish Cake (1:10)

Seasons of Life Op.2 (Piano Solo)

This work is in many ways the manifesto of a person in deep despair, but still having music flowing through his veins all the time as a comforting friend. Through the four movements, Beppe has depicted Life in Development, Life in Prosperity, Life in Desperation and Life in Coldness as his very own Seasons of Life.


  1. Spring Life in Development (4:00)
  2. Summer Life in Prosperity (2:10)
  3. Autumn Life in Desperation (2:20)
  4. Winter Life in Coldness (2:30)

Piano Concerto No.1 'Anxiety' Op.24

Beppe wrote Op.24 during two days in the Easter of 1995. The work was written in heavy anxiety, based on melodies he had composed in his early teens. However, Beppe says the titles do not indicate this to be program music as such, they are only a clue for the listener. The music needn't be about that clue specifically.


  1. Fear Struggler (7:40)
  2. Final Fear (3:10)
  3. A Chased Fear (4:00)

Piano Concerto No.2 'Urge' Op.44

Beppe's Piano Concerto No.2 'Urge', Op.44 follows the conventional three movement format and opens with See. There is a delicate, rippling piano opening with a woodwind led orchestra. The music rises up in the orchestra as the piano continues to develop the theme. Whilst the orchestra occasionally brings more dynamic moments there remains a delicacy to the piano part. The second movement, Catch, has the orchestra introducing a flowing theme pointed up by pizzicato strings and with textures enhanced by various wind instruments. When the piano enters it brings a broader version of the orchestral theme. There is a particularly beautiful second subject featuring horns before the music rises to a climax before the quiet, atmospheric coda. The concluding movement, Push, certainly does push ahead, immediately, with piano and orchestra, determined and dynamic and with Beppe's distinctive rapid piano phrases and a terrific forward orchestral flow. This is a highly individual, yet hugely engaging work full of breadth, poetry and an inner depth.
The Classical Reviewer (UK)


  1. See (4:00)
  2. Catch (5:50)
  3. Push (4:40)

Piano Concerto No.3 'Monster' Op.44

The Piano Concerto No.3 'Monster', Op.45, also in three movements, brings a different nature with the first movement, Beyond, opening with a light-hearted wandering theme for piano picked up by the orchestra. There is a jazzy element to the music that is punctuated by intricate little passages and phrases, yet overall this movement moves ahead with a swagger. Among brings a calm flowing theme for piano and orchestra with subtle little rhythmic pauses. The music slows, centrally, to a more thoughtful passage for orchestra with the piano joining this slower, darker version of the theme before leading to a particularly fine melodic section with constantly shifting harmonies that takes us to the coda. Inside opens forcefully for piano and orchestra before falling, only to build again dramatically, with timpani strokes. There are some terrific orchestral moments for wind showing Beppe's fine skills as an orchestrator.
The Classical Reviewer (UK)


  1. Beyond (3:00)
  2. Among (5:30)
  3. Inside (6:50)

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Piano Solo

The journey into the Uncertainty Op.1

Seasons of Life Op.2 *

People of Blue Dimension Op.4a *

Cookery Book of Kornld Op.7 *


Piano and Orchestra

Piano Concerto No.1 'Anxiety' Op.24
2-2-2-2- 4-2-3-1 timp solo pf str ***

Piano Concerto No.2 'Urge' Op.44

2-2-2-2 4-2-3-1 timp solo pf str **

Piano Concerto No.3 'Monster' Op.45

2-2-2-2(alt. c. fg) 4-2-3-1 timp perc:1 solo pf str **

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