SYDA 1702

A compilation of FJB songs, remastered in 2017.

The album TAKKATAKAKK consists of eight songs taken from the album Muligens (1994). This is a carefully wrought and seemingly humorous collection of songs from one of Beppes many pseudonyms: Kornld Svle.

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This musical journey, with its wordplay, rapid changes of direction, uninhibited cries, surrealistic humour and breakneck rhythms, has induced infectious laughter from many listeners.

One can indeed laugh at the absurd lyrics and simply accept them as burlesque humour, or one can allow oneself to be surprised by the unexpected and the unusual indeed, it is precisely in the strange and unconventional that an important message is to be found. This is the message that there are no rules that regulate how you should say what you have to say.

A serious backdrop hangs behind the comic-surrealistic presentation. Seriousness can come in many guises, and for Beppe humour is inextricably bound up with seriousness. A dualism between seriousness and humour, and between surrealism and authenticism, runs through all Beppes work.

Beppe is eager to pick away at an accepted view of life which gives automatic credence to received opinions. If you follow a well-worn path, accept standard answers or always do what is expected, you will not necessarily be a happy person or be free of worries. What is right for one person may not be right for another person. For Beppe, it is important to spread the message that each person must find their own island in life, where their own thoughts remain their own, and where no one else can come along and claim they have the blueprint for how one should live. This is where the key to good mental health may lie in having faith in ones own integrity, in letting some questions remain unanswered, and in being at ease with such an attitude to life.

The lyrics on the album also show that it is possible to say something in a new way, to see the world from a new vantage point, and at the same time to have a completely acceptable philosophy of life. Maybe the lyrics ask questions, but they do not pretend to have the answers. Should anyone boldly claim to have found the answer, it is easy for them to move on to fanaticism, and from there it is only a short step to disaster be it religious fanaticism or political fanaticism.

The tracks on TAKKATAKAKK have been remastered personally by Beppe. And the album has a bonus track a spontaneous studio rendering of the song Takkatakakkatakakk.

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: Digital Album

Type: EP

Released: 2017

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Kornld Svle (Flint Juventino Beppe), vocals, guitar, synthesizer, bass

Steintrott, vocals (on Takkatakakkatakakk, bonus track)

Track listing:

01 Kjp agurk i Brumunddal 2:29
02 Bibarabam 2:13
03 Takkatakakk 2:53
04 Slips rundt dikken 1:51
05 Strikke Ost 1:13
06 Trikketuren 2:33
07 Litt varm og Litt fet 2:40
08 Nesquick & Pessquick 3:19
09 Takkatakakkatakakk 3:28
10 Avskjed, Op. 20a: III. 2:27