FJB VOD 1503

❝ We only had the next day to finish the recording sessions. We were, it seemed, trapped."

Surrounded by secrecy, the composer Flint Juventino Beppe, 36, has captured the heart and minds of the international music scene. "I never compose music", Beppe says, "the tones just float around inside my head. When they get too loud, I have to breathe them out." This film is a story about a personal war, and about finally recapturing the love for music and life.

Note that Flint Juventino Beppe was previously known as Fred Jonny Berg.

Technical information:

Video: HD 1920*1080

Audio: Stereo 48 kHz Uncompressed | The audio works well with Dolby Pro Logic or similar Home Cinema surround sound simulators. High Quality equipment is recommended.

20©15 Flint Juventino Beppe & News on Request AS | All rights reserved

Awards & Nominations

European Film Festival, 2010, Official selection

Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway

The Tromsø Palm 2010, Winner

Gullruten 2011 (Golden Frame 2011), Nominated

DocUtah International Film Festival, US, Raven Statuette 2010, Winner

Park City Film Music Festival, US, Silver Medal of Excellence 2010, Winner

Mexico International Film Festival, Silver Palm 2010, Winner

Northern Character Film Festival, Russia, 1st price diploma 2010, Winner

International Filmmaker Festival, UK, Nominated Best Soundtrack 2010, Official selection

DocMiami Intl. Film Festival, US, 2010, Official selection

Polar Film Festival, Finland, 2010, Official selection

Dawson City Intl. Short Film Festival, Canada, 2010, Official selection

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: HD

Type: Documentary

Released: 2015

Total duration: 57 minutes

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Award-winning documentary featuring composer Flint Juventino Beppe.

Documentary, 2009, 56 min. Produced by News on Request AS. Directed by Trond Eliassen.

Released with kind permission from News on Request AS and director Trond Eliassen.

Track listing:

01 «Theh Goldest» Op.27 No.2
02 «Pastorale» Op.32 No.1
03 «Flute Concerto No.1» Op.70
04 «Flute Mystery» Op.66a
05 «Flute Mystery» Op.66b
06 «Warning Zero» Op.54b
07 «Flute Mystery» Op.66b (live)