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Nature is constantly present. Music perpetually sounds from beyond the mountains. Humankind arises from earth while Music is directing the cycle of life. Nature is the impartial arena.

What happens when Humankind cannot relate to this unified energy of Nature and Music?

VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA is a fictional film presenting Nature, Music and Humankind as main components. It is the second production in the trademarked genre Symbiophonies.

The conflict in the drama is: What happens when Humankind experience problems with absorbing the impressions inherent in the unified force of Nature and Music?

The two girls representing Humankind in VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA are seemingly without willpower. They are in a way remote-controlled by this immense entity of Music and Nature, like puppets steered by the puppeteer. This leads to "blank stares", and forced behaviour to a large extent.

The Grammy-nominated soundtrack is performed by Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Flint Juventino Beppe. In addition, Tom Ottar Andreassen (flute), Hvard Daae Rognli (violin) and Wolfgang Plagge (piano) are soloists.

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VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA from Flint Juventino Beppe on Vimeo.

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: Video On Demand

Type: Symbiophonies Film

Released: 2015

Total duration: 55 minutes

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Filmed in 2003, 2004 and 2007 Director, script, music & editing: Flint Juventino Beppe Director of photography: Tomas Evjen Actors: Mona Solhaug & Rebekka Nystabakk 2015 Flint Juventino Beppe | All rights reserved.

Available screening formats: Blu-ray, QuickTime, Flash

Technical information:

Video: HD 1920*1080

VOD Audio: Stereo 48 kHz Uncompressed | The audio works well with Dolby Pro Logic or similar Home Cinema surround sound simulators. High Quality equipment is recommended.

Native 5.1. Surround Sound on Blu-ray screening copies for cinemas etc.

Co-producer & Technical producer: News on Request AS

Cast: Nature, Music, Rebekka Nystabakk & Mona Solhaug

Soundtrack performed by Tom Ottar Andreassen, Hvard Daae Rognli, Wolfgang Plagge & Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Flint Juventino Beppe

Other credits: IMDb


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The film music soundtrack performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra is from the album FLUTE MYSTERY. This album was Grammy-nominated in the category Best Surround Sound Album 2010.

Age limit: Open for all (general certificate from the Norwegian Media Authority).

2015 Flint Juventino Beppe | All rights reserved

(...) This is a massively beautiful work encased in less than an hour. The instrumental music by Flint Juventino Beppe is the centerpiece and framework of the film. (...) Stunning scenery is captured throughout (...)

Park City Film Music Festival (USA). Jury Choice - Gold Medal for Musical Excellence in a Performance/Experimental Film

(...) The already critically acclaimed art movie is a symbiosis of different art forms, a "symbiophony" as the artist himself has chosen to call it; Blending visual impressions from nature with original music compositions and actors performing speechless actions, he has succeeded in creating a breathtaking aesthetic experience. Vicino alla Montagna provides us with magnificent and touching images of the majestic scenery in the North. Along with the music and the acting we are taken on a journey back to the originating and unspoiled. We meet two human beings that unprotected and naked encounter nature - and gradually learn to live in it. The journey is beautiful, rough and eye-opening.

Nordlys Festival (NO)

Track listing:

01 Flute Sonata No.1 Op.40 #1 3:23
02 Flute Sonata No.1 Op.40 #2 2:08
03 Flute Sonata No.1 Op.40 #3 5:32
04 Violin Sonata No.1 Op.50 #1 4:36
05 Violin Sonata No.1 Op.50 #2 5:51
06 Violin Sonata No.1 Op.50 #3 & Parting Op.20b #3 6:15
07 Pastorale Op.32 #1 1:51
08 Warning Zero Op.54b 10:02
09 Vicino alla Montagna Op.58b 12:24
10 Waltz of the Queen Op.4a No.1 2:02