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Since 1993, Flint Juventino Beppe has produced or performed on more than 20 albums and films with artists like Vladimir Ashkenazy, Wolfgang Plagge, Emily Beynon, Rune Bergmann and Philharmonia Orchestra.

Beppe invented the labels Kornld Music and Symbiophonic, on which the majority of albums are released. Two of the albums, released on 2L, were Grammy-nominated in the category "Best Immersive Audio Album".


REMOTE GALAXY, Grammy-nominated in 2015


MULIGENS  (1994)






MINE DAGER  (2017)
DETACHED  (2017)

QUIET, QUIET  (2019)


MONTAGNA CON FORZA  (2002, composer, script, director)

CAPTURED IN A GAZE  (2007, composer, script, director)

VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA  (2009, composer, script, director)

EXHALING MUSIC  (2010, composer, himself)

THE HOLY BIGOTRY  (2015, composer, script, director)

The debut album SLURVEBINGEN (MC) was released on Beppe's proprietary label Kornld Music in 1993. This rather unusual, yet iconic release features the somewhat eccentric performer Kornld Svle; one of Beppe's pseudonyms. The distinct concoction of surrealistic poems and songs has since become a trademark for Beppe's remarkable diversity.

MULIGENS was released in 1994. It was recorded in Rros-Tynset studio, produced by Bent Jacobsen and Beppe. The album is a blend of Beppe's electroacoustic works, classical pieces and songs of both serious and humorous calibre.

Early in 1999, DEN STORE SLURVEBINGEN saw the day of light. It is literally the extended version of SLURVEBINGEN. The pseudonym Svle had more material on his mind; hence this album is filled with even more poems, more songs, more surrealism and two classical works.

FLYKTNING I VAKKER MOTSTAND was released the same year (1999), and is a collection of new songs, including En rd liten Hnd and Hun tok min Hnd, the latter of which features a theme that Beppe later used in the symphonic poem Theh Goldest Op.27 

1999 is also the year that PICTURES BEFORE AN EXHIBITION was produced. This album strongly resembles the soundtrack genre. It contains eight electroacoustic works, and the piece that carries the album title was originally commissioned for Bergen International Festival (1997). All works are performed and produced by Beppe himself.

Produced by Beppe himself, the chamber music collection SEASONS OF LIFE was released in 2000, including works like 
Flute Sonata No.1 Op.40, Violin Sonata No.1 op.50 and Waltz of the Queen Op.4a
FJB has given the world yet another timeless classic with Flute Sonata No.1 Op.40 and should be heralded for his tremendous effort and choice of musicians for this grand masterpiece. I can find no fault of any kind with this wonderful piece, it is truly perfect and there is only one score for perfection.
Gods of Music

Then in 2001, Kornld Music chose to assemble old and new songs on one album, and the compilation STILLE, STILLE was released. The album includes all the pensive and tranquil songs from MULIGENS and FLYKTNING I VAKKER MOTSTAND in addition to a new set of lyrics, and the song Nrt som Den er (1998).

ABOUT MY GRANDFATHER was released in October 2002. This orchestral music album features Piano Concerto No.2 'Urge' Op.44 and Piano Concerto No.3 'Monster' Op.45 as well as the symphonic poems About my Grandfather Op.37 and Heart Op.27 No.5. Produced by Beppe himself, pianist Joachim Knoph and Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Ari Rasilainen perform on this release. This audio recording is also the soundtrack of the music film MONTAGNA CON FORZA, directed by Beppe.
In 2010, Beppe returned to the symphonic poem and concerto genres with the Grammy-nominated FLUTE MYSTERY, released on the label 2L. Performing alongside the soloists Emily & Catherine Beynon (flute and harp) are the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy.

The 2013 release REMOTE GALAXY (also 2L) continues the journey of FLUTE MYSTERY, and one again the Philharmonia Orchestra are conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy, who interprets the adventurous scores. The album was released on Pure Audio Blu-ray and 180 g vinyl, and was Grammy-nominated in 2015. The composer's deep spiritual interest in nature, philosophy and space is as central in the universe of REMOTE GALAXY as it is on FLUTE MYSTERY.

In December 2015, four films including the documentary EXHALING MUSIC and the art films CAPTURED IN A GAZE and VICINO ALLA MONTAGNAbecame available for the home cinema market worldwide. The film scores are composed by Beppe, and he has directed three of the films.

In 2016, after a period out of stock, PICTURES BEFORE AN EXHIBITION, SEASONS OF LIFE and ABOUT MY GRANDFATHER were re-released as digital albums, remastered and with extensive liner notes in new booklets.

Two releases from Kornld Svle were remastered and released as digital albums in 2017: DEN STORE SLURVEBINGEN and TAKKATAKAKK (song collection, EP). Also, MINE DAGER, a remastered song compilation with Flint Juventino Beppe, was released. Two more albums were released in December 2017:INFINITY CHIMES with Wolfgang Plagge, Ari Rasilainen and Norwegian Radio Orchestra and DETACHED, an electroacoustic album release, with two tracks performed by composer Flint Juventino Beppe.

In March 2019, the single QUIET, QUIET was released, and in 2020, Beppe's first symphony Symphony No.1 'Operientes Mare' Op.89 was released on the album OPERIENTES MARE.

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Inhaling Life means Exhaling Music. Just for the record.