SPEECH OF NATURE: The sun provides rays of light
no matter human thoughts or emotions

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Written by Flint Juventino Beppe

I cannot find much logic in society. Instead, I turn my face towards nature. The mountains in sight.

Throughout the years, I have been wandering in the mountains, listening to waterfalls and humbly observed the activity of wind, rain, snow and northern lights. This magic fills me with infinite euphoria and gratitude; not to a specific creator, but just to the situation where human traits have no possibility to interfere or destroy.

Nature speaks, and one has to listen.
There are two diametrical opposite dimensions that I can perceive: the realm of nature where the concept of deceit or pretence seems to be completely absent, and society where self-deception is the mere foundation of everything. One only has to look at politics, religion and isms, which all to me, without any exceptions, are human-made, perishable nonsensical notions. Just by mentioning those three words, I have to admit that I shudder with unlimited disgust.

At the end of the day or life, human power power struggles seem just ridiculous, ensuring the pervasive cycle of oppressive rule. Six feet under might be seconds away. "There's nothing new under the sun."

If, for instance, a state through moralistic legislation harasses a particular part of the people, alleging that their lifestyle, needs, or autonomous choices of work is second-class: then, statistically, someone would believe the propaganda, both within parts of society and within the affected group. It is called stigma, which is often based on discrimination and sentiment. Stigma is also an obvious choice in order to to construct moral panic; it hinders enlightenment and open-mindedness; it fuels the maintenance of taboos and personal hatred a classic malicious, trait in in power-hungry people who play God.
Such disrespect is found in ethnic cleansing and pure moralistic laws resulting in the persecution of innocents. Actions like these are as far away from the Speech of Nature and the music that constantly sounds from "behind the horizon" as I can imagine.

Which mountains make suppressive legislation for a river? Which sun plays God for which moon? What would the tree "answer" if asked whether one should force a "truth" on others or go home and live and let live in respect? Did you notice the Speech of Nature held by the pine cone five centimetres next to the oval stone in the ditch you just passed by?

With regards to "inspiration", I could never look to humankind for it, neither have I ever had any human ideals or continuously followed a creed that has been pointed out for me. The only aspect of humankind that touches me, is the same as I find in animals, like the uncorrupted innocence created by nature: unpretentious beauty or eyes that capture the infinite. What never results in music is anything connected to limitations or deceptiveness. Actually, I have no "inspiration" at all; I'm just constantly connected to realms beyond the horizon where music continuously sounds no matter my position.

My mother tongue is music and my homeland is nature.

I have never felt part of society. I have absolutely no religious or political preferences whatsoever. For as long as I can remember, I have recognised an unbreakable connection with nature. At school, teachers would worry that I often wandered alone in the school yard. But I didn't feel lonely, because I was with nature. And I gathered music, constantly "speaking" with my always available good friends, the forest and the flowers. 

SPEECH OF NATURE: Take away the ray of the sun
and see what happens next.

Fortunately, nature is not human-made, and I humbly appreciate being able to turn to the sea and the mountains. Who or what is behind nature's origin, I do not know and do not need to know because I cannot know.

One might say that I communicate with nature through music, from beyond the horizon, like existing in a parallel universe to society. And it is in this parallel universe that music arises. I write for the elements; for time and space. That a symphony or a violin sonata has to go through the hands of musicians is only a part of this communication.

I have made two Symbiophony fictional films on how a symbiosis of music and nature might interact with human beings where nature is an impartial arena: MONTAGNA CON FORZA and VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA.

What make it possible for me to stay alive are what I call static elements: the genuine perfection of things that are not human-made untouchable in quality; pure and timeless. The beauty of a flower, the innocence of animals, the sunset, the waves of the sea. These gems always converse with me and generate music in my head.

I am an alien stuck in a human body, but my mind, soul and heart belong to non-human forces. Society cannot have me, because I am occupied by nature.

Inhabitant of Berlin, Germany, Planet Earth, Space, ???

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The forest is my friend. Trees and flowers mirrored in the water. Look, sun is rising high. All that live may listen to my heartbeats.

Here peace fills up my soul. Here life will find its goal. They wish my presence near. My truest home is here.

Bird chirps in the sky. Breeze touching with ease. Streams rushing beyond. And close to the chasm stand I.

My dearest, nearest friend. All that live would die without your spark. You're feeding the music within. Absolute sound. All around.

So, when life is a nightmare. And thoughts are running wild. You will find me alone by the lakeside, perfectly still.

The horizon a place where human beings are not able to use their beloved measurements or isms. Compared to what is to be found beyond these earthly realms, nothing human-bound "depth", "science" or "research" can be defined as advanced. Anything based on isms or is constructed becomes ridiculously limited in comparison. One ray of sunlight seems far superior to all human thoughts on earth added together. Take away the ray of the sun and see what happens next.

Nature is constantly present. Music perpetually sounds from beyond the mountains. Humankind arises from earth while Music is directing the cycle of life. Nature is the impartial arena.

What happens when Humankind cannot relate to this unified energy of Nature and Music?

In this film, we follow a wooden boat's venture across a lake. We will be exposed to the vast array of temperate sensations, sensitive harmonies and visions freed from the conventions of time.

Also, the brutality and mercilessness of life are central elements, in connection with eleven closely connected parts and originally written music.

This production is respectfully dedicated to the fragile world we all live in.

Potsdam, Germany. Nature photos by 2018 Flint Juventino Beppe. All rights reserved.