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Flint Juventino Beppe is a German composer, filmmaker, artist and producer.
Published by Symbiophonic, Beppe's oeuvre comprises about 200 titles and more than 90 opuses and commissions, including songs, electroacoustic music, ballet music, symphonic poems, flute concertos, piano concertos, double concertos and symphonies.

Performing artists include Vladimir Ashkenazy, Sir James Galway, Emily Beynon (solo flautist Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra), Andreas Blau (former solo flautist Berliner Philharmoniker), die 14 Berliner Fltisten, Wolfgang Plagge, Ralph Rousseau, Ari Rasilainen, Rune Bergmann and Leonard Slatkin. Live arenas include the Kennedy Centre (Washington D.C.), die Philharmonie (Berlin) and St. John's, Smith Square (London). 

As composer, Beppe has contributed on the Grammy-nominated albums FLUTE MYSTERY and REMOTE GALAXY (Beynon, Ashkenazy, Philharmonia) besides on more than 20 releases on Symbiophonic and other labels, including ABOUT MY GRANDFATHER and INFINITY CHIMES (Rasilainen, Norwegian Radio Orchestra).

As artist, Beppe has released several albums with him performing songs and poems, among them MINE DAGER and MULIGENS.

As director, Beppe's proprietary Symbiophony Film Concept includes MONTAGNA CON FORZA and VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA.

Spending the early part of his life near the Arctic Circle; the powerful nature of this area has been a constant muse for his work and has led to the arrival of numerous compositions.

Beppe is a composer with an unusually rich palette of sounds and textures at his disposal. His music covers a wide range of genres and is scored for a great variety of ensembles. All of his works bear the unmistakable imprint of strong originality and authenticity. His artistic project is geared towards the one goal of producing a genuine, acoustical result. His many diametrically different interests produce fascinating results in his compositional sound-world and in numerous other artistic areas such as film, script writing and directing and in his activities as a lecturer. This has benefited his music at many levels and is one of the reasons behind his distinctive originality as a composer. In addition to his extensive composing career, Beppe has also had considerable success as a writer, singer and filmmaker. 

Since the beginning of his composing career, he has distinguished himself with his distinctively original voice which in many regards is at odds with the conventional trends and "isms" of contemporary art in general. Beppe is the very archetype of a multi-talented, musical polymath, concerned with areas of tension between melos and form, light and dark, burlesque humour and profound melancholy. Powerful melodic emotions are juxtaposed with vertical and horizontal structures where diatonic, polytonal and modal harmonies have a natural place within his musical universe. Beppe's distinctive, even liberating idiosyncratic approach to musical language constantly amazes: his voice comes across clearly and unmistakably as his own; as a voice which cannot be ignored.

For Beppe, composing is an innate communication between himself, nature and the pristine "beyond the horizon", where human beings have no access. Having a diagnosis within the autism spectrum, Beppe lives a life secluded from society, surrounded by music and in company with nature. Society with its dynamic trends and transient aspects is on a constant collision course with his musical, timeless genesis. He collaborates closely with the non-profit association Philobretto The FJB Unlimited Foundation that aims to spread composer Flint Juventino Beppe's ideas for reflection and openness about mental health through art productions. 

After living and working in Berlin for several years, Beppe became a German citizen via naturalization in October 2020. Beppe has German ancestry via his beloved grandfather Ragnvald Jacobsen (1905 - 1997). Flint Juventino Beppe was formerly known as Fred Jonny Berg.


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FJB Quotes
FJB & Tandberg Studio Monitor

It is really as simple as it is complicated: I breathe in what life has to offer, and breathe out what I have to offer life.

I am living at the age of zero and dying at the age of x.

Timelessness does not only mean that music written 200 years ago is relevant today, but also that music written today would have been relevant 200 years ago.

To me, music is as clear and plain as looking at a tree. I just close my eyes and the music is there as clearly as the memory of the tree.

I cannot find any logic in society. Instead, I turn my face towards nature. The mountains in sight.

I am an alien stuck in a human body, but my mind, soul and heart belong to non-human forces. Society cannot have me, because I am occupied by nature.

I constantly stare into the sun, but cannot close my eyes even if I wished.

The sun provides rays of light no matter human thoughts or emotions. One ray of sunlight seems far superior to all human thoughts on earth added together. Take away the ray of the sun and see what happens next.

My mother tongue is music and my homeland is nature.

Nature speaks, and one has to listen.

When I take a look at the mountains or the sky, I realize I cannot spend my time on anything but grandness. It's grandness or nothing.







REMOTE GALAXY, Grammy-nominated in 2015

MULIGENS  (1994)
MINE DAGER  (2017)
DETACHED  (2017)
QUIET, QUIET  (2019)

MONTAGNA CON FORZA  (2002, composer, script, director)
CAPTURED IN A GAZE  (2007, composer, script, director)
VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA  (2009, composer, script, director)
EXHALING MUSIC  (2010, composer, himself)
THE HOLY BIGOTRY  (2015, composer, script, director)

Since 1993, Flint Juventino Beppe has produced or performed on more than 21 albums and films. He invented the labels Kornld Music and Symbiophonic, on which the majority of albums are released. Two of the albums, released on 2L, were Grammy-nominated in the category "Best Immersive Audio Album".

In his music, Flint Juventino Beppe reveals himself as a person who has experienced that life consists of light and dark but unlike the majority of us he approaches both with a similar undaunted decisiveness; it adds an extra quality to his music: the conviction of an eyewitness.
Wolfgang Plagge, professor



Catherine Beynon, Emily Beynon, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Sir James Galway, Flint Juventino Beppe and Leonard Slatkin.


Multi-award-winning documentary about composer Flint Juventino Beppe (News on Request AS).

In this documentary, we follow the production of the Grammy-nominated album FLUTE MYSTERY (2L). Shown on NRK "Fakta p lrdag" in 2009. 

Surrounded by secrecy, composer Flint Juventino Beppe, 36, has captured the heart and minds of the international music scene. "I never compose music", Beppe says, "the tones just float around inside my head. When they get too loud, I have to breathe them out." This film is a story about a personal war, and about finally recapturing the love for music and life.

Exclusively available for streaming on www.symbiophonic.art You can become the owner of a copy here.

With Philharmonia Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy, National Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin, Sir James Galway, Emily Beynon, Catherine Beynon and Lindberg Lyd AS (2L).


This short presentation film with Vladimir Ashkenazy, Rune Bergmann, Wolfgang Plagge and Flint Juventino Beppe gives a brief, yet substantial introduction to Beppe's business.

Symphony No.1 'Operientes Mare' Op.89

I've been lucky enough to grow up with nature close around me. I have wandered a lot around the local seashore (yra), spent much time by a special lake (Botnvatnet), and I have been surrounded by mighty mountains, water and sea through every season of the year. Nature has made a huge impression on me; it is a big part of who I am.

FJB about the "sea symphony" 'Operientes Mare' Op.89

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I define the art I make "fingerprints", because they do represent my musical or artistic version of the impressions I have inhaled.